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Deepeeka – Iberian Falcata with Wood Grip

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This reproduction of an Iberian Falcata is based on an excellent 1st to 5th Century BCE historical original within the collection of the MET Museum.  A powerful and hard-hitting sword of the ancient classical world, the deep recurve of the Falcata powerfully chops into and separates a target with an ease that the Romans found unnerving during the Roman conquest of Hispania. The blade of this example is hand forged from C60 high carbon steel which is both resilient and tough and it is solidly constructed with a full tang grip with two grip scale halves of polished wood surmounted by steel bolsters which are steel riveted directly to the thick blade tang for a robust and lasting construction.

The grip is contoured and sized to maximize contact with as much of the hand as possible, including the sides of the palm. By optimizing contact surface the sword is made easier to not only bear, but more readily engages the whole of the hand, wrist and forearm for powerful cutting whilst not overly taxing the palm of the grip for gripping and bringing the sword to bear onto its target.

Included with the sword is a wooden scabbard which is bound in high quality genuine leather and completed with steel fittings and hanging rings which allow for the bearer to choose whether to wear it vertically or at an angle from a shoulder baldric (belt baldric not included).

Please Note: The hand used to model the grip measures 3.5″ across the palm and has a length of 7.25″ from wrist to end of middle finger.

A testament to the power of the Falcata is found in Seneca’s De Beneficiis 5.24:

“A veteran who had been a bit too rough with his neighbors was pleading his case before Julius Caesar. “Do you remember,” he said, “Imperator, how you twisted your ankle near Sucro?” When Caesar said he did remember: “Then you certainly remember that when you were lying to rest under a tree that was casting just a tiny shadow, in a very tough terrain with just that one lonely tree sticking out, one of your men laid out his cloak for you?”

Caesar said “Why shouldn’t I remember, even if I was exhausted? Because I was unable to walk I couldn’t go to the nearby spring, and I would have been willing to crawl there on hands and knees, if it were not for a good soldier, a brave industrious chap, hadn’t brought me water in his helmet?” to which the man replied,

“Then, Imperator, you could recognize that man, or that helmet?” Caesar answered that he couldn’t recognize the helmet, but certainly the man, and added, a bit irritated I think, “And you certainly are not him!” “It’s not surprising,” said the man, “that you do not recognize me, Caesar; for when that happened I was whole. Afterwards, at Munda my eye was gouged out, and my skull smashed in. Nor would you recognize that helmet if you saw it: it was split by a Hispanian sword (machaera Hispana).”


Overall Length21 9/16"
Blade Length16 7/8"
Weight1 lb 10.5 oz
Width48 mm - 29.5 mm - 51 mm
Thickness4.6 mm - 3.6 mm
P.O.B.4 3/4"
Grip Length3 3/8"
Blade [C60 High Carbon Steel]
Country of OriginIndia

MET Museum replica of Iberian Falcata by Deepeeka- 2022 series


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