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    Based on a particularly beautiful 320 B.C. historic original at the National Archaeological Museum at Athens, the Korfu Kopis has a blade that is both classical and elegant in its form, yet hard-hitting and capable of powerful chops and cuts – an iconic Greek sword for the Hoplite Warrior. The grip is fashioned to snugly fit the hand and maximizing contact with the hand and grip from as many surfaces as possible makes it less taxing on the hand to wield the blade and truly allows the full power of the arm and forearm to help power the sword in the strike which ensures that the sword is surprisingly agile and easy to wield. Even though the tip is elongated and widened, it is flattened to ensure it is not too heavy and its shape both aids in cutting into and separating the target as the blade passes through it at speed.

    The blade is hand-forged from C60 high carbon steel with a long ridge along the spine to stiffen it which is a design feature common to bronze age and early iron age swords. The sword is robustly constructed with a full tang hilt fashioned from two grip scales of solid copper which are steel-riveted directly to the thick tang for a strong and lasting construction.

    Included with the sword is a well-crafted Greek scabbard of wood which is bound in well-stitched leather and completed with brass hanging rings which allow for the bearer to choose whether to opt to wear it at an angle or vertical. A baldric belt is not included.

    Please Note: The hand used to model the grip measures 3.5″ across the palm and has a length of 7.25″ from wrist to end of middle finger.


    Overall Length26 13/16"
    Blade Length22 3/4"
    Weight1 lb 15.5 oz
    Width46.5 mm - 28 mm - 42.1 mm
    Thickness4.6 mm - 3.1 mm
    Grip Length3 1/8"
    Blade [C60 High Carbon Steel]
    Country of OriginIndia

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    Deepeeka Korfu Greek Kopis

    Korfu Kopis Sword Review by Deepeeka

    2 reviews for Korfu Greek Kopis – Deepeeka

    1. TJF (verified owner)

      A very nice replica of the original that is on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens!

      The fit and finish is pretty nice given the low price. The bronze scales have a little bit of pitting from the casting, but it doesn’t detract from the look. The scabbard is nicely made. KoA did a good job on the sharpening.

      One thing I will point out is that the grip is very small. I wear a large to extra large glove size and the grip is a bit too snug for me.

      I do not consider this a big issue, as I bought the Kopis for its historic value. It will mostly serve as a functional display piece instead of a regular backyard cutter.

    2. Spychicken (verified owner)

      It is an absolutely beautiful blade, especially for the price. The sharpening was good, thought the very tip was black for some reason. Not really that noticeable.

      Just be aware that the handle is fairly heavy. I wasn’t expecting it but I actually like it.

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