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Landsknecht Brass Hilt Katzbalger Dagger – Deepeeka


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    This handcrafted dagger is a recreation of a well preserved 16th century German original with a hilt in the form of the iconic Katzbalger sword and likely it was once a trusted companion of one of the famed German or Swiss Landsknecht mercenaries. The dagger makes an excellent companion piece to a full size Katzbalger sword to complete a Landsknecht ensemble, though it is a fetchingly elegant and deadly dagger in its own right. The blade is hand forged from resilient C60 high carbon steel which is stoutly mounted into a fine cast hilt of solid polished brass. The blade is anchored into the hilt by peening it over the pommel for a tough overall construction.

    Included with the dagger is a sheath which is crafted from thick high quality genuine leather which is completed with a brass chape, locket and brass hanging rings.

    Overall Length13 5/8"
    Blade Length9 1/2"
    Weight10.4 oz
    Width30.6 mm
    Thickness2.8 mm - 2.2 mm
    P.O.B.- 1/8"
    Grip Length3 3/8"
    Blade [C60 High Carbon Steel]
    CultureGerman, Swiss
    Country of OriginIndia

    New Landsknecht Katzbalger - Deepeeka

    1 review for Landsknecht Brass Hilt Katzbalger Dagger – Deepeeka

    1. Shawn Duggins/Dieter der Blaue (verified owner)

      I remember this style of dagger when it was offered by Museum Replicas, made by Windlass Steelcrafts back in the 1980s, wanted one then, they went out of stock way too fast… Haven’t seen one since.
      Unsure if Deepeeka is the new Windlass, or what the story is there, but this is nearly that same dagger. It has a solid brass hilt with integral fish-tail pommel. The hilt is small, cramping my large hand when I grip it. As we don’t fight with our daggers in our Battle Pageants, it’s not coming out of it’s sheath often, so that’s NOT the deal-killer a too-small hilt normally would be. The guard appears a separate piece, and is a classic Katzbalger styled “S” guard with ball finials at the terminals. The blade, ordered unsharpened, has a perfect “fighting” edge to it, but the tip is wickedly pointed so that would need to be rounded for stage combat use IF that was it’s intended use.
      While it’s well made, there’s space in the peened hole of the pommel, sharp edges on the sheath’s rings’ bases. The dagger only seats perfectly in one direction, meaning that something is slightly funky, as the weapon is meant to be symmetrical. The sheath is puckered on the back and the seam has some variance to it. There are several nicks and blemishes in the hilt as well.
      As I am hard on my gear, I’m not concerned about that last bit, I’m gonna be lucky to not snap one of the curved guards myself!
      I’m coming to the end of my Landsknechting years, having done this stuff since the 1990’s, and am glad to have finally gotten a chance to have one of these, regardless that it’s not a high-end model or replica. This is perfect for any reenactor or RennFaire Landsknecht… Maybe not for a “lowly” pikeman, but definitely a Doppelsoeldner or Webel…

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