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Norwegian Viking Sword – Deepeeka


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    The Type “M” Viking Sword in the Peterson sword typology is one of the most widespread swords in Norway with several hundred originals having been preserved or found and these are dated to the middle of the 9th century and extend to the early 10th century. A simple but eminently practical form of the Viking sword hilt, the Type M was represented throughout Norway with an elevated concentration in Eastern Norway. There are other examples found in Sweden, Iceland and other countries but these are much smaller in number. Many of these swords have practical and simple styling, making it likely that these swords were intended entirely as practical tools of war for the Viking warrior – though the possession of one would still highlight the elevated status of its bearer relative to the rest of Norse society.

    The blade of this reproduction has a hand forged blade of tempered C60 high carbon steel – a steel with properties similar to 1060 high carbon steel. The guard and pommel are tough steel and the blade tang is stoutly peened over the pommel to robustly anchor the blade into the hilt. A grip wrap of tightly bound high quality leather completes the hilt. The sword is paired with a wood-core scabbard which is wrapped in stitched, high quality vegetable tanned leather. A wooden suspension slide is strongly affixed to the scabbard and allows for a sword belt or baldric to be woven through this component to allow for the sword to be worn. Belt or baldric is not included.

    Overall Length35 5/8"
    Blade Length30 1/2"
    Weight3 lbs
    Width56.2 mm
    Thickness4.6 mm - 3.3 mm
    P.O.B.8 5/8"
    Grip Length4"
    Blade [C60 High Carbon Steel]
    Country of OriginIndia

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    1 review for Norwegian Viking Sword – Deepeeka

    1. MK (verified owner)

      2-17-23, my Norwegian Viking sword arrived today. It was just what I expected it to be. A nice well built sword with an authentic look to it. Nice wide blade made for slashing/cutting. For somebody looking a basic no thrills steel hilt Viking sword a decent price, this is it! I will continue to purchase from Kult of Athena!!

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