This Egyptian Pharoah’s Dagger has a design based on historical examples of these elegant Ancient Egyptian weapons, most notably a pair of 3,400 year old funerary daggers found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb – though instead of pure steel like this replica his daggers had blades of solid gold and meteoric iron! Ornate daggers such as this would have been a symbol of status and likely would have also been used in ritual and ceremony, though they were also practical, real weapons well suited for self defense and war if need be.

The blade of this long-bladed Dagger is forged from lab-certified 1070 high carbon steel* and its design features a prominent central ridge which greatly stiffens the blade. This central ridge was a necessary design element of bronze age blades as the softer bronze needed additional material to stiffen it to minimize bending and warping, and this Egyptian dagger would historically have existed in that period of time when the bronze age began melding into the iron age with both types of blades co-existing together for centuries. There are examples from this period of iron blades incorporating the stiffened ridges of bronze age blades as a design holdover. This central ridge has not only created a very rigid blade ideal for thrusting and puncturing, but it also blends into a reinforced and fortified thrusting tip for the blade to give it substantial puncturing power. From this ridge the blade thins greatly to ensure that its twin sharp edges are able to slice and cut with great ability.

The ornate hilt of the dagger is crafted from durable and mirror-polished brass alternating with polished deep blue pakkawood to reproduce the color and appearance of the precious and brilliantly blue lapis lazuli gemstones that Egyptians often alternated with gold to striking effect. Bands of polished copper adorn the top and bottom of the grip and a guard plate of smooth copper is embedded into the base of the guard. The dagger is matched with a wooden scabbard which is bound in finely stitched black leather.

* The steel used for this product has been verified by a chemical analysis conducted by an independent testing laboratory.