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Devil’s Edge – Qama / Kindjal – 420 Stainless

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This Qama / Kindjal has a tempered and sharpened blade of 420 stainless steel. Two halves of wood are riveted to the thick blade tang to construct the grip, which is finished with two steel cone studs. Unlike other Qama on the market, this one has a slightly elongated grip to make it easier to hammer grip. It comes with a scabbard of stitched, robust leather with an integrated belt loop or integrated baldric strap.

Hailing largely from the Caucasus reason, the Qama is a fighting blade vaguely similar in both size and form to the Roman Gladius. It would look right at home tucked into the front belt of a Caucasus or Persian tribesman, or in the belt of a Georgian or Russian, ready to be drawn in an instant and to quickly lash out at the foe, tip outstretched.

The form of the Qama / Kindjal lends itself quite handily to thrusting attacks, which can be easily made fatal with such a sharply tapered tip. Though this is the natural focus of the weapon, the wide blade lends itself quite handily to close-in chops and hacks. This eminently practical self-defense weapon has been an iconic blade of the Caucasus hill and mountain peoples for many centuries, as well as having been a common dagger used by the Cossacks.

Overall Length22 7/8''
Blade Length17 3/8''
Weight1 lb 5.8 oz
Width50.7 mm
Thickness4.7 mm - 2.4 mm
P.O.B.3 1/8''
Grip Length3 1/4''
Blade [420 Stainless Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

14 reviews for Devil’s Edge – Qama / Kindjal – 420 Stainless

  1. Brian O.

    Super Value!!!!! I just received this blade and the scabbard is worth at “least” $40.00 !!!! The blade is sharp and light ! I can’t believe I only paid $40 bucks for this… Flick of the wrist snapped a water bottle in half No Problemo. Gonna get another one for back up!!

  2. ChrMil

    ChrMil I will give this 5 stars in relationship to what you get for the Money here. Handle feels great, deasent leather sheath, Sharp blade. Will cut paper milk bottles with surgical precision.
    One negative obeservation though – the steel seems to be soft. Noticed a bend in the tip of the sword after using it on paper bottles filled with water. Fixed it by pressing with my thumb on a piece of Wood (thus truly a soft tip – could this really be 1095 steel?? – read from Another reviewer on a different sword from same Company that he also experienced the steel to be soft – maybe because the sword is thin??). All in all great Worth of Money here!

  3. Scythian r.

    beautiful inexpensive well made short sword after getting it i did some light cutting , water bottles, light brush and some fruit, the edge it came with did very well, the qama for those who don’t know was a sarmatian-scythian short sword inspired by contact with romans, hence it’s very gladius like blade profile, it later found use with both Persians,Georgians,Russians and Ukrainians, it later became the short sword of cossacks both Russian and Ukrainian

  4. Ian S.

    Good sword Really a fantastic piece. The steel seems a bit harder than some of the stories I’ve heard about these bending during tests– no problems there. A major selling point is the sharpened edge. Is a forty dollar sword really a forty dollar sword if you have to pay to complete it? Nope. This piece cuts well despite my inexperience with cutting (and doubly so for something this short). Really, the only two complaints I have are with the handle. One: it’s too small, and the grip is carved a bit too sharply. Since I have big ‘ole ogre mitts, this might be a bigger problem for me than for you. For this, I got out a rasp and rounded it out a bit– I don’t mind altering something so inexpensive. The second problem with it was a little less kosher. The rivets were not done directly down the middle, and the slight stagger mixed with the conservative amount of glue made the scales shift after a few dry swings. that is where the 4 and not 5 stars come from, but I don’t think it will budge much more. Buy this beautiful shadow of Roman imperialism today!

  5. Andrew B.

    Beautiful, but afraid to use it. I ordered this sword, and was amazed at the quality at this price. The blade comes sharp, the point is viscious, and the sheath is amazing, all considering that this sword is dirt-cheap.
    My problem occurred when I thought about cutting some water bottles with it, a few days after receiving the item. As the thought crossed my mind, I noticed a sound coming from the handle; I put it close to my ear and shook it, and discovered that the handle scales were loose. I can’t identify which rivet is the problem, as it isn’t too bad, but it is somewhat worrying.

  6. Daniel D.

    Incredible budget sword Just unboxed this beauty and I am very impressed by the construction. Everything is right and very well-fitted for such an affordable piece, this is the kind of quality you would find in a sword in a much higher price range, and it came with a decent edge as well, can’t wait to begin cutting tests, I’m hoping the temper is good as Skallagrim reviewed their Xiphos a while back and found the steel to be quite soft, I’m hoping that has been fixed. Either way this sword deserves five stars for sheer affordability and quality. The term “you get what you pay for” surely does not apply to this blade.

  7. Sam Cary

    great, but not for big hands I have put this baby through some abusive wood tests, cutting through 2in diameter branches and getting very deep (sometimes through) in 4-5in diameter branches. The only complaint I have is the steel cone studs are a little close for a large hand to wield comfortably. This is a remarkable budget blade that any low-end collector (like myself) would love to add to their armory

  8. Logan S.

    vary good for the price short: crap sheath, a couple of minor aesthetic blemishes, mine is uncomfortable from possible construction error

    Long: Overall i do like it and i think its construction is vary good for its really low price point but it did have some problems. First and most notably was the sheath witch is just a piece of junk. The strap is completely useless because of how tiny it is at its longest. Then is the belt loop witch when the sword is drawn while attached to the belt only acts as a pull tab to rip out the stitching. A smaller problem is the Finnish on the handle witch the wood is chipped in 2 places. Lastly i believe my top pin and stud on my handle scale is about a half inch to low and it rubs against my hand and is uncomfortable but i believe this to be a one-off

  9. Jared M.

    Excellent budget shortsword, but… I bought this item about a year ago and was amazed at the quality of the steel, it is sturdy and came very sharp, and the smoothness of the handle. But that is where the only problem lies, the handle is tiny. I’m 5’9 and have relatively small hands for my size and the space between the two knobs on the handle is still too small to swing comfortably.

  10. R. C.

    Beautiful I bought this sword for my wife as a birthday gift and she absolutely loved it! It came very sharp and wonderful condition. She is very happy with it, and I will be ordering more from you guys. Ya’ll have not disappointed me yet with your products!!

  11. William.B

    absolutely astounding for its price. devil’s edge blades, despite their borderline mall ninja name, make really good swords for such a low price. I got one of these on sale and absolutely love it. I’ll probably get a second one since its so little. will probably be my go to sword for gift giving, should i ever want to gift someone a sword

  12. orle.szlaki

    It would be great to see this blade as a regular carbon one but with the fuller like on the damascus version.

  13. Jorge Fernandez (verified owner)

    Great small sword. Very well made! The sharp corners on the handle are easily taken care of with a little 200 grit sand paper. The great price it has is the icing on the cake! VERY happy I bought it…

  14. Darren Miller

    I’ve had this for a couple of years now. I love how it handles, and how fast it is. I’m disappointing that Devil’s Edge turns out to be making these from stainless steel instead of the formerly advertised carbon steel. Also, the little grip knobs broke off after a little hard use. I replaced them with something smaller that doesn’t hit the hand as much. That was my first clue that these aren’t made with carbon steel. But the blade is beefy enough to stand up to a moderate amount of abuse.

    Considering the price, this item is better than you would expect.

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