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Lord of Battles – Full Visor Bascinet

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This Bascinet with an extensive hinged visor is crafted from thick 14 gauge steel. The visor swivels easily on its rivets and can be locked and secured into its down position with an integrated pressure pin. From this position the helmet is unlocked by pushing on a longer pin-button to release the catch. If desired the entire visor can be dis-attached from the helmet by removing the helmet pins. Please note that the visor does not stay upright on its own without modification.

The interior of the helmet is blackened and fitted with a padded suspension liner of durable cotton which can be adjusted to modify the fit of the helmet. This liner is secured to the helmet by stitching it into its edge. The helmet edge is lined with vervelle eyelets which can be used to fasten your own aventail or mail collar to the helmet for an entirely complete defense of the head, neck and even the collar. A metal plate on the back of the helmet will readily accommodate your own helmet plume.

A mainstay of the 14th and the first half of the 15th century, the versatile Bascinet was a closely fitted helmet and its curved surfaces ably deflected and redirected the force of a blow. Like the example shown here, many later versions were fitted with encompassing face visors to create an extensive defense for the entirety of the head.

Weight7 lbs 13 oz
Gauge [14 Gauge]
DimensionsFront to Back: 9 1/2'' - Side to Side: 8''
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Lord of Battles – Full Visor Bascinet

  1. James, Duc de Pomerania

    This helmet is large, heavy, and enveloping. It feels heavier than its given weight, and hearing and vision are restricted. In other words it is a superb recreation of the visored bascinet if you do not want a long snout on your visor. The lines are more graceful than the pictures suggest, the visor is removable, and it’s lining is cushioned fabric. The size is given as a 26 inch circumference….it was snug on my 25 inch head. Authentically the visor does not stay up, you need to take it off when not in use. I love this helm and would buy it again.

  2. Felix Brien-Giroux

    solid protective and heavy.
    vision is actualy not bad
    removable visor is nice
    only donw side is the visor wont stay up wich i dint think much of till i wore it.
    still a great produc

  3. Eric (verified owner)

    You will have to modify your particular helmet to fit and function but that’s the same with all off the shelf armor anyway so no big deal. A little on the heavy side and quite forward weighted. You will need an arming hood of some kind and the helmet really benefits from the addition of a good weighty aventail or mail collar, to provide some balance. The suspension system is alright and the padding is great. The visor won’t stay up but I solved that with a few inches of fine chain that hooks into the eye slot when the visor is raised, again no big deal. The button that locks the visor in the down position could be a little longer and have better positive engagement, that’s really the biggest weakness I have found in this piece.

    It wears beautifully and sits nicely on the head. This helmet is comfortable and with 14 gauge steel you really feel well protected and safe. Not flimsy pretty robust especially for non-hardened. The bascinet portion is absolutely true to type and great representation of period bascinets. The visor may or more likely may not be historically accurate but it’s incredibly reasonable to imagine this shape existed so I think it’s just fine. Plus it looks so mean and awesome!

    I love that this helmet has slots for plumes. I have ostrich feathers in mind for tournament fights.

    This is a fantastic helmet that is well built and sturdy. I’m 184cm with a 61cm hat size and it fits fine with no underlayer and with an arming hood needed some work to fit nicely but it’s fabulous.

    For the price you cannot beat this helmet. Unbelievable value for money here. Would absolutely buy this again and may Infact buy again if I want to have a different visor style. If you’re interested in armor or anything of that kind I recommend this helmet.

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