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Furdess Helm – 16 Gauge

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Front to Back: 8 1/2”<br>Side to Side: 7”<br>Interior Circumference: 23 1/2”

TypeMask Helm
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Furdess Helm – 16 Gauge

  1. Celtic T.

    Best warlord Helmet I just got my helmet today and right away I love it. Fits well enough for me to add my mail and padded coif. Great helmet for the price, and it’s both light enough for me to wear, but just heavy enough to be protected. I feel like a Viking warlord wearing this helmet.

  2. PaulBuck (verified owner)

    As is typical with Kult Of Athena, the measurements listed in the description are incorrect. Inner circumference is actually 26″, front to back is 9″ and side to side is 7.5″. It actually fit perfect with my arming cap on. The major issue was the eye holes. They were uneven off center and gave the appearance of a crosseyed helmet and made vision difficult out of the helmet. Upon contacting KOA they told me this item is handmade and I should expect irregularities. They wouldn’t exchange the helmet for one with even eye openings and I had to return it. So BEWARE, the helmet you recieve from them could have unevenly spaced eye openings off the center line that makes the helmet look very lame. Who is intimidated by a crosseyed warrior? No one. KOA should add their disclaimer to this item so people know they’re buying possible junk.

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