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German Sallet – 18 Gauge – Deepeeka


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    This German Sallet is crafted from 18 gauge steel and lined on the inside with an adjustable leather suspension liner. The visor can be raised and the segmented plates that protect the neck are articulated. A leather adjustable chin strap with an antiqued brass buckle complete the helm.

    Weight6 lbs
    Gauge [18 Gauge]
    MaterialMild Steel
    Country of OriginIndia

    3 reviews for German Sallet – 18 Gauge – Deepeeka

    1. Cartogu

      alright but not great The metal is shaped well and seems well made. My issue with this product is that the liner is simply glued on and after putting the helmet on a couple of time it began to peal away from the helmet and became nearly unwearable. In the pictures for this product when the helmet is open there are two rivets at the brow which I assumed would be to attach the liner but the helmet I received did not have these. Upon emailing customer service I was informed that all helmets from this brand have glued-on liners, and was informed that the glue must have either been old or damaged by cold/ heat. Whatever the reason it has left me an unusable helmet out of the box. I like the look of the helmet so I’ll keep it and just have to reattach the liner.

    2. UncleDoctor (verified owner)

      Decent all around, but like most “off the rack” armor expect to do some work yourself. Mine came soaked in oil, which would be a good thing if it protected against the minor rust around the brim of the helmet, which will have to be buffed out. It also didn’t come as was shown in the images. The visor isn’t bell shaped as it’s visualized, it came bubbled out and otherwise not flush with the curve of the helmet, which is a nice bell shape. I managed to hammer both sides of the visor into place with the use of a mallet and anvil, if you get one that looks like mine did and you don’t have the means to fix it yourself, I’m not sure how you’d manage to do it.

      It functions just fine. The aventail is articulated but hangs off at a horizontal angle that pulls your head back, I’ll have to work on getting the plates to bend downwards a bit and make the articulation less stiff. The visor locks in with a simple peg, squeezing both sides of the helmet together releases it, it takes some effort and is a bit difficult to do while you’re wearing it. Watch your fingers when you lift the visor up, it could come down on them if you don’t push it all the way back. The chinstrap is pretty comfortable, even without a coif, and the liner is a simple leather one that you can tie with the provided leather strap to have the helmet sit as high or low on your head as you want.

      All in all this is more of a 3 1/2 stars out of 5. It’s exactly the style of helmet I wanted, it’s a replica of a real helmet on display in a museum so it’s historically accurate (visually at least), and the fit is good and not too big if you’ve got a big skull like me. It just needs a bit of work which, if you love plate armor, you were probably already willing to do.

    3. cameron alexander (verified owner)

      so i mainly bought this helmet because it was cheap and i am going to take it apart to learn how to make sallets. but this one does have issues. for starters, like the above reviews state the liner is only thin leather glued inside. the helmet itself is built on the more massive side, mine weighting about six pounds. i compared it to a cutom one of a freinds and theres being thicker but smalled came in at about close to five. the vicor functions smooth and has no complaints, nor does the segmented tail. wasnt very well ordered, but i got a discount on it because it was in the condition i recived it in. no dont be put off, the helmet is exactly what you see in the pictures so your not getting scammed, just expect it to be a little large and needing a liner replacement. in short it is a much better sallet then many already make with great details and good build, but dont expect perfect work.

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