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Lord of Battles – Gothic Steel War Hammer

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A Late Medieval Steel War Hammer is purpose built for crushing and rending asunder the armor of even the most heavily defended of foes; its broad striking head brings powerful concussive blows upon a target and its crows beak pick can capably smash into and puncture into armor. This replica has a head of carbon steel which is robustly peened and mounted onto a shaft of solid steel which is reinforced and stiffened with its hexagonal form. Two rondels protect the hand and couch it into a secure position.

One-handed, all-steel war hammers such as this were popular with medieval armored cavalrymen. Not merely for the horseman however, these hammers can pair well with a shield for a powerful fighting combination.

Overall Length20''
Weight2 lbs 10 oz
Width5 7/8''
Grip Length4 7/8''
Blade [High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Lord of Battles – Gothic Steel War Hammer

  1. Capt Zed (verified owner)

    The video sold me on this and it’s accurate. It’s all metal, solid/no wiggle, painted to prevent rust and the discs above and below the handle prevent slippage. I gave it a moderate chop test and it goes through layers of thick cardboard, plastic and thin metal like it’s nothing: like a war hammer should. I kinda like the more rugged black look, like a Gothic Death Knight vibe, especially given the awesome price. Highly recommended.

  2. Lee Thompson (verified owner)

    From the outset let me state that the price/quality ratio has a big impact on my rating for this hammer. It is a three piece construction-the head is a nice solid piece of steel peened to a stout hex shaft. The shaft is welded to the grip, and this does create a weak point, but the welds are stout, clean, and well made. However there is an ever so slight bend to the shaft as a result. Again, this is not because of the shaft, just the angle it was at when it was welded to the grip. Against a soft target the 4 in spike is sufficient for lethal stab wounds almost anywhere on the head, neck, or torso. Wounds from the spike on the limbs would likely be sufficient, when combined with shock and trauma, to disable the limb with one good shot.
    This is not an Arms and Armor or even Baltimore K&T level weapon. I don’t know how it would do against forged armor, but it costs less than $75. The grip is rectangular and covered in a simple leather wrap. Not fancy or expensive but cleanly attached, and it provides good purchase. I wear a men’s extra large glove and get a nice grip. People with smaller hands might find the grip too large, but at this price your not gonna find many hammers as practically useful. I would highly recommend at this value.

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