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Greek Boeotian Helmet

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''…the Boeotian type (of helmet)…gives the greatest protection to all parts above the cuirass, but allows free vision.'' – Xenophon of Athens

The Boeotian helmet originated as a metalled copy of the Greek petasos, a type of sun hat. Perhaps originating in the Boeotian region of Greece, the helmet was usually made from a single piece of shaped bronze. It was popular with cavalrymen, who required less impairment to their vision and hearing than the infantry hoplites. Long plumes were sometimes attached for effect. This type was adopted by Alexander's cavalrymen and would see use in the centuries afterwards among the various Hellenistic Empires.

This Boeotian helmet is made from brass and the unlined interior has been blackened. It comes with a white padded arming cap.

Gauge [18 Gauge]
Country of OriginIndia


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