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Greek Brass Muscle Cuirass – 18 Gauge Brass

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The muscle cuirass is one of the most recognizable pieces of Greek armor. This version represents it’s classic style originating from the early 5th century BC. By this point the muscle cuirass was closely modeled to the musculature of the body, as opposed to earlier more abstract versions. Instead of having a flange at the bottom like the previous version know as the bell cuirass, it curves up at the sides to allow free movement of the hips. This type of armor was originally worn by the Spartans and other Greek city-states. Around 450-425 BC the Spartans abandoned the use of body armor it an attempt to become more mobile, and soon other Greek armies followed. The Muscle cuirass made a resurgence around 360 BC and continued in use for some time afterwards. Like many aspects of Greek culture the Muscle cuirass was adopted by the early Romans.

This muscle cuirass is made entirely from brass and is blackened on the inside. Studily riveted straps of leather and durable antiqued brass buckles on the shoulder and sides allow for it to be adjusted to size.

Sizing Info:
Chest Size: Adjusts to fit chest sizes from 42 to 48
Waist Size: Adjusts to fit waist sizes from 36 to 42
Measures 21 from shoulder to waist

Gauge [18 Gauge]
TypeMuscle Cuirass
Country of OriginIndia


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