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Lord of Battles – Helm of the West

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This helm is crafted from 18 gauge steel with an antiqued finish for an ancient appearance. The helmet is fully wearable and is lined on the inside with a leather suspension liner that can be adjusted to fit and size with its integrated leather cord. A chin strap of durable leather with a brass buckle to secure it into place finishes the helmet for wear or display.

Weight4 lbs 10 oz
DimensionsFront to Back: 8 3/4'' - Side to Side: 8''
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Lord of Battles – Helm of the West

  1. Tulkas

    The nose guard is welded on and not very well. I had hopes to adjust it so my nose isn’t pushing on the guard but i fear it would snap off. The leather liner seems well made. It is a somewhat of a niche item i suppose so I’m glad to have found one you’re able wear. Overall it’s… alright.

  2. Frazier

    This is a great helmet for the price you’re paying.

    If you don’t have $500-$1,000 to shell out on one of the old United Cutlery / Weta replica Gondor helmets, this is really the only one out there. Plus, it’s made of steel, whereas I believe the old licensed replicas are only made of pewter or poly resin.

    The leather lining and chin strap are very nice and comfortable.

    My only complaints are with the nose guard. The welding is a bit shoddy, but then again, I can imagine forging a helmet can be difficult.

    Also, the helmet is pretty big. I have a small head so it looks a little goofy when I wear it, but they do look kind of big on the stunt doubles in Return of the King, too.

    Overall, this is worth it. Especially for someone with a Tolkien memorabilia shelf.

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