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Indian Talwar

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This Indian Talwar was crafted in India and the blade is of tempered 1055 high carbon steel; its sweeping blade is efficiently designed to slash and decisively cut with great ability and the thickened blade spine not only imparts durability to the blade, but also gives it the mass to power through its strikes with cutting force. The blade is mounted into an beautifully embellished hilt of finely cast brass and the sword tang is anchored into the hilt with a threaded nut assembly coupled with filling the interior of the hilt with a hardened gum resin; a traditional Indian method for securing a blade into its hilt.

The sword is paired with a wooden scabbard which is tightly bound in black leather and completed with matching brass fittings and a brass hanging ring.

Overall Length38 1/8"
Blade Length33 1/16"
Weight2 lb 9 oz
Width31 mm
Thickness5.3 mm - 2.7 mm
PommelNut and Integrated
P.O.B.6 1/2"
Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerUniversal Swords
Country of OriginIndia

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1 review for Indian Talwar

  1. JonahFriend

    I ordered the blemished grade, so when I got it out of the box and the pommel was a little wonky and there was an impurity clear in the blade I didn’t mind. However, this sword delivered on what was advertised. So, why only four stars? Mainly I had problems with the scabbard. When I was practicing quick drawing the blade and had the scabbard attached to my belt, the metal bit on top came right off, taking my sword frog with it. Also, when I was testing it, I dropped the scabbard, and the metal bit at the end fell right off. Both of these problems were fixed with a little super glue but were nonetheless annoying. The sword itself was solid, it was heftier than I expected but that was covered in the specifications. Just a little warning, ~3 lbs held in one hand at the end of a lever feels much much heavier than a longsword of similar weight, so really work on that wrist, shoulder, and forearm strength. It should be noted I’m about 5 ft 6 and on the smaller size though, about 140.

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