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Korsoygaden Viking Sword – Early 12th Century Arming Sword

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The Korsoygaden sword is based on an original Viking transition sword; it has a blade forged from high carbon steel and a crossguard and pommel are cast from brass. The wooden grip fitted with textured risers and overlaid with tightly fitted leather. The wooden scabbard is bound in leather and fitted with a brass chape and locket.

Later Viking swords that bridge the gap between the early and high middle ages often retained the five-lobe pommel. Both the famed Korsoygaden and Cawood swords exhibit a guard with up-turned quillons and a medieval-style blade. Swords of this design could be found in Northern Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Overall Length39 7/8''
Blade Length33 1/16''
Weight2 lb 13.4 oz
Width44.2 mm
Thickness4.3 mm - 5.2 mm
P.O.B.9 1/8''
Grip Length4 3/4''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Korsoygaden Viking Sword – Early 12th Century Arming Sword

  1. Freyja The Angry

    This isn’t even A Viking Sword The Viking Age ended in 11 Century with the death of King Harald Of Norway during the battle of Stanford Bridge this would be considered A early medieval Arming Sword with some part of it designed to look like a Viking sword but isn’t at all Viking

  2. sam cary

    Bought mine a while back. A great sword for the price, though a little heavy. Once sharpened it is quite the beast, with mine felling two trees. A great budget replica of one of my favorite historic blades, I prefer the brass fittings to the hanwei Cawood version. Don’t listen to Freyja the Misinformed, as the real Korsoygaden sword (and it’s counterpart, the Cawood sword) definitely fall under the broad banner of “Viking Sword” (anything from a late spatha to an early arming sword), even though they were made during a late transitional phase.

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