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Lord of Battles – Lamellar Armor – Blackened Steel

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This Lamellar Armor is crafted from hundreds of overlapping blackened steel plates. The 20 gauge plates are bound together with thick leather cords and fitted to a thick leather frame for the armor. The front of the armor has brass plates and the armor is tied and secured in the back with leather cords and matching leather tabs.

The integrated shoulder armor is lined with leather to give chafe protection to the shoulders when worn; it is fitted to the body and arms with its fitted leather cords.


Medium: For a chest size of about 41 (104 cm). Length of Armor (not including shoulder armor): 19 3/4 (50.1 cm)

Weight: 20 lbs 5 oz

Large: For a chest size of about 45 (114 cm). Length of Armor (not including shoulder armor): 19.75 (50.1 cm)

Weight: 21 lbs 9 oz

X-Large: For a chest size of about 51 (129.5 cm). Length of Armor (not including shoulder armor): 19 7/8 (50.4 cm)

Weight: 22 lbs 12 oz

Lamellar Armor is an improvement on scale armor and it was quite a universal style of armor; warriors of Eastern Europe and Russia, the Middle East, China and Japan all wore localized forms of lamellar armor. When tightly tied and well-crafted it is an excellent form of plate defense that is also easier to construct en-masse than form-fitted western style plate armor. Armorers could churn out many small, identical plates that could then be tied and fastened into armor to fit each individual warrior.

Both practical and protective, it is easy to understand why lamellar armor was the armor of choice for much of the world for many centuries. The armor could be seen on warriors as varied as the Rus, the Late Byzantines, the Mongols, the Chinese, Japanese and the warriors of India. A most impressive suit of lamellar can be seen in the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England – it was created for a War Elephant.

Gauge [20 Gauge]
MaterialBlackened Mild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Lord of Battles – Lamellar Armor – Blackened Steel

  1. Jonathan Giffin (verified owner)

    Great!! Easy to modify and repair with no experience. Does not dig in on the shoulders when fighting

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