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Lamellar Tasset Plates Set – 20 Gauge Steel – Lord of Battles


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    These lamellar tassets are an excellent way to add-on to your other lamellar armor to create a more full and complete armored defense. They are constructed from many individual plates of 20 gauge steel which are laced together with thick leather cord. The armor is edged in thick suede leather to give it both a frame and to protect clothing and skin from unnecessary chafe.

    The tassets are easily worn by fitting the integrated leather belt loops through your own arming belt. The armor is weighty enough that you should consider riveting suspenders to your arming belt to ensure that the armor does not wriggle loose in an action. Separate lamellar torso armor is also available and is shown together with these tassets in the last modeled photo. Torso armor is not included and is available under the also available section with a thumbnail link.

    Please Note: It is common for this item to have dried brown oil on the edges of the armor. This can be cleaned up with a wire brush or scuff pads with moderate effort. Care must be taken not to damage the leather cords during this process with an overly vigorous or hasty cleaning. Also, please be aware that this item comes with a notable amount of packing oil on and within it. This is done intentionally to prevent excessive rusting between the many segmented metal components of this armor during shipping and transition.

    Weight7 lb 7 oz
    Gauge [20 Gauge]
    DimensionsIndividual Tasset is 15 7/8'' x 11 3/8''
    MaterialMild Steel
    ManufacturerLord Of Battles
    Country of OriginIndia


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