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15th Century Medieval Leeds Brigandine – Lord of Battles


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    This Brigandine Torso Armor is a replica of the famed 15th Century Leeds Brigandine and is crafted from many plates of 18 gauge steel which are solidly riveted inside a shell of sturdy and high quality suede leather. This is an intricate set of torso armor that is crafted to a high standard; the individual plate lames are riveted only to the leather and allowed to glide past each other freely to give this armor a surprisingly high degree of articulation and movement; this ensures that the armor has a minimal impact on the movement of the bearer and will allow them to contract and extend the torso as needed.

    The armor is donned by simply placing it on and over the torso and then buckling the sides and the top of the shoulders; a set of durable steel buckles and thick leather straps on both sides of the torso both secure the armor and adjust its fit. It is easier to don than many types of armor because it can be donned in the manner similar to a vest and then buckled in the front. Many forms of plate torso armor require an assistant to get them donned and sized, but this Brigandine is simpler to wear and a single person can both don and remove it with relative ease.

    Brigandine armor was quite common in the later medieval period and brought excellent plate-armor protection without grand expense and this is evidenced by the common depiction of this armor on men-at-arms and soldiers of the period. The armor was fairly common among knights and the more well-heeled warriors of medieval society as well who would display their status with more exotic and colorful fabric to use for the shell backing of their brigandine. The armor is eminently practical as the overlapping plates work with one another to absorb and dissipate the force of a blow and their steel construction ensures that the torso of the wearer is practically immune to cuts. Being crafted from a composite of smaller plates also made its creation more materially attainable than the large and solid pieces of steel plate used for a plate harness.

    Sizing Information:

    • Small:
    • Chest Circumference: 33.8″ – 36.6″ (84-94 cm)
    • Length: 21.5″ (54.6 cm)
    • Weight: 11 lbs
    • Medium:
    • Chest Circumference: 37″ – 40.9″ (94-104 cm)
    • Length: 24″ (63.5 cm)
    • Weight: 13 lbs
    • Large:
    • Chest Circumference: 41.3″ – 45.2″ (105-115 cm)
    • Length: 25″ (63.5 cm)
    • Weight: 17 lbs
    • X-Large:
    • Chest Circumference: 45.6″ – 49.6″ (116-126 cm)
    • Length:

    1 review for 15th Century Medieval Leeds Brigandine – Lord of Battles

    1. Calvin LaForest (verified owner)

      Very impressive. You won’t find a small-plate brigandine with leather base anywhere for this price, even with mild steel plates.

      One thing the buyer should know: these come very large. I ordered medium for my 38′ chest; it’s still a bit too big even over my thickest arming jack plus mail.

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