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Lorica Squamata – Brass Scale Armor

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This Lorica Squamata is a cuirass of brass scales stitched to a backing of thick cotton and given a sturdy frame of stitched leather. A set of brass buckles and adjustable straps tailor this torso armor to fit and secure it into place.

Lorica Squamata armor is typically depicted in the Roman Republican Military, as well as the later Roman Empire. It often seems to have been an armor for distinguised soldiers such as Centurions, Standard Bearers and Musicians. It also may have been a common armor for some Auxilia troops at certain times and locations in the Empire. The scales were typically thin, with a typical thickness of .5 – .8 mm, perhaps to keep the weight of the armor from being overbearing, yet still thick enough ensure that it was very difficult to cut into.

Overall Length24 1/2''
Weight15 lb 1.2 oz
Gauge [24 Gauge]
TypeLorica Squamata
Country of OriginIndia


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