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Medieval 15th Century Dagger

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This late Medieval Dagger is a robustly-constructed dagger with a tempered blade of high carbon steel with hollow ground blade geometry which reduces weight whilst retaining a strong spine in the central of the blade to retain durability. The blade tang is peened over the pommel to ensure a strong and well-constructed hilt assembly.

The guard and pommel are steel and the stout wooden grip is overlaid in the traditional medieval manner with finely-stitched leather which was treated with beeswax and shrunk for a tightened fit. The dagger is paired with a companion scabbard of wood which is overlaid in tight, form-fitting leather.

Overall Length18 7/8"
Blade Length12 1/4"
Weight1 lb 6 oz
Width34 mm
Thickness5 mm - 4.8 mm
P.O.B.- 1/8"
Grip Length4 1/8"
Blade [C60 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Medieval 15th Century Dagger

  1. Zach Morris

    Cross guard is uneven, unfinished with chips and dark spots in it, there is a black burn mark under it where it was welded onto the blade. Had I known that I would have spent my money on something else. Blade is uneven, warped, twisted, and one edge is straight and one is profile tapered significantly towards the tip. Pommel is so heavy that it only carries upside down even from a frog. I have already experienced cracking in the tang where the weld and handle are. My afghan khukri was terribly misfigured and unfinished too. Do better KOA!

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