This Medieval Knife is equally useful as either a utility knife or a larger feasting knife. The knife is made from a single piece of high carbon steel; the blade tang forms the grip. Much of it is left rough-polished for a utilitarian and period appearance. The grip is wrapped in leather cord.

Many dark age and Medieval knives were utility tools – for while well-heeled warriors could afford a finely crafted sword, nearly everyone of any means had a need for a basic knife for chores and eating. Though these everyday knives were quality tools their cost could be kept affordable by forgoing the need to create fitted hilt components by simply forging the tang into a form that allowed it to also serve as a handle. Omitting a high level of polish and leaving all but the edge of the tool with a rough level of polish also managed time and costs for producing a practical medieval knife.

Such a tool would look right at home in the craftsmans shed, on the commoners belt and upon the eating table.