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Lord of Battles – Medieval War Maul

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This Medieval Maul is a longer-handled warhammer with a wide and robust striking head countered with a thick, armor piercing spike. The head is crafted from steel and it is mounted and pinned to a polished hardwood haft. A maul such as this is well-capable of delivering heavy concussive blows which can smash and deform an armored harness and its thickened spike ably punctures or crushes steel plate.

Please Note: Though Medieval impact and concussive weapons are durable they are not indestructible. The originals that this replica is designed after were designed to be hard enough to damage an opponent but light enough to wield without great difficulty. They are not designed to withstand heavy impacts with dense and hard targets such as trees, roads, buildings, wood planks, etc. Using this item against such targets risks damaging it.

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2 reviews for Lord of Battles – Medieval War Maul

  1. Bigshotleech

    It is overall a good hammer, but the hammer head did not fit correctly on the haft so I had to put filler in the crack to keep it from rattling.

  2. thatonlylizard (verified owner)

    An excellent maul, the spike was able to inflict some serious damage and the head fits well. Only problem is the surface has rusted a little but it’s not bad some steel wool brought it right back around.

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