This steel shield boss is crafted from sturdy 14 gauge steel and its interior has been blackened. It has six cut-outs that allow for the use of screws or rivets to affix the boss to the center of a shield. Mounting hardware is not included.

For many shields, a strong shield boss is essential – it not only provides a hard center point that could, in a pinch, be used to punch a foe, but much more importantly it protects the hand behind the shield from a puncturing javelin or a strong penetrating strike that penetrates the shield.

In spite of what is commonly portrayed in movies or video games, a shield is not a protective force field – they can be broken or the wood can be split by a strong strike. A warrior who has his arm strapped to his shield has the risk that a javelin or spear may actually puncture the shield and grimly pin his shield directly to his arm. For a warrior with a center-gripped shield with a hand protected by a stout shield boss the risk to his hand and arm is greatly mitigated.