This elaborately embellished saber is a reproduction of a fine historic example which was presented as an honorary award to Captain Blancard of the 11th Cavalry Regiment on behalf of the French Consulate. Though the original was a masterfully crafted sword that was a presentation gift, it had many hallmarks of having been used in conflict when later catalogued for auction in the late 20th century. The sword is a particularly beautiful example of a Napoleonic saber and was crafted with uniquely elegant styling which would have made it stand out even among other fine sabers of the period.

This replica has a tempered blade of 1055 high carbon steel which bears the reproductions of the Klingenthal manufacturer’s marks and signature on the spine, as well as armory proof marks and stampings on the base of the blade. The clamshell hilt is finely cast from brass and the grip is wrapped in leather and completed with inlaid braided brass wire. The sword is matched with a scabbard of polished brass which bears the reproduced inscription commemorating its bearer Cpt. Blancard.