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Lord of Battles – Nylon Sword Bag

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This sword bag is not only eminently suitable to protect your weapons from scuffs and scratches when being stored within your home, but they are also useful to use as a travel case for weapons, sport-combat weapons and practice weapons.

This sturdy sword bag is made from nylon and will fit a sword, katana or other weapon that is up to 50 long. It is opened and closed with a long zipper on the side. It has a zippered exterior pouch and a pair of internal zippered panels that could be used to fit accessories or two smaller weapons. The bag has an adjustable carrying strap that can fit around a shoulder – alternatively, it also has a short nylon grip so that it can be carried horizontally The bottom exterior of the bag is lined with leather to protect it.

For a sharp-tipped sword or weapon, it is recommended that it be placed within a scabbard or be fitted with a protective tip to prevent a puncture through the bottom of the bag.

2 reviews for Lord of Battles – Nylon Sword Bag

  1. Stephetheon

    Fairly durable, although not wide enough to fit swords with wide crossguards. Fortunately, the strap and buckle you see in one of the preview images can help keep your swords contained without fully zipping the bag closed. Fits three Red Dragon synthetic longswords fairly comfortably.

  2. Hal G (verified owner)

    Nice bag. Well made. Plenty of space for my jians and a cane or two. Only problem I had was with the fold over strap (?) and buckle. I had to double over the end of the strap about 1/4″ and sew it down so the buckle wouldn’t slip off. NBD. Took about 10 min to do.

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