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Odin’s Ravens Viking Seax

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This Viking Seax pairs a hand-hammered and forged blade of high carbon steel with a grip of polished bone which is lavishly embellished on both sides with runic etchings of Hunin and Mugin, the twin Ravens of Odin. The blows from the smith’s hammer are evident on the thick-spined blade which is both tough and rigid. The guard and pommel are of steel and the Seax is completed with a brass-riveted sheath crafted from thick, high quality vegetable-tanned leather. The sheath is finished with antiqued brass Norse ravens alongside brass hardware and hanging rings. On both sides of the sheath are etched Viking knotwork.

The Ravens of Odin, Hugin and Munin, fly over the lands each day and upon the suns rest return to Odin to tell him of what they had seen and of particular interest to them and Odin are the deeds of warriors in battle and the names of the brave who lived last that day. The names of the two ravens roughly translate as Thought and Memory. With their help, the One-Eyed Odin sees and perceives more than all others.


Overall Length18 1/2"
Blade Length12 3/4"
Weight1 lb 4 oz
Width35 mm
Thickness4.4 mm - 2.8 mm
Pommel4 1/4"
P.O.B.1 1/2"
Blade [C60 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia


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