These chausses impart a base layer of padded protection to the legs and can be worn either on their own or beneath mail armor. They are made from durable 85% cotton fabric and thickly padded on the inside with similar material. Donned like a pair of medieval hose these gambeson leggings have integrated leather belt loops which allow them to be supported at the waist by attaching them to a belt. Lacing at the ankles allows for the fit to be adjusted to fit either within or over footwear. An integrated ''stirrup'' for the feet helps keep them moving in tandem with your feet (these stirrups may need to be adjusted for your specific height for optimum function).

In the demonstration photos the chausses are suspended from the waist with a thin arming belt (not included) – an ideal belt for this purpose because its eyelets keep the hanging loops of the chausses in position. The arming belt also has no metal fittings so it can comfortably be worn beneath other arming garments and armor without metal fittings getting in the way or chafing the wearer or their gear. Arming belts are sold separately and a thumbnail link to some of them is included on this page under the also available section.

Overall Length: 34'' (not including belt loops)

Circumference at thigh opening: 23''

Circumference at ankle: 15''