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Rajput Haladie

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The Haladie may look like a fantasy weapon or an artistic fancy at first glance, but it is in fact a martial arts weapon of the Rajput warrior clans of India who did not shy away from mastering some of the most exotic looking martial arts weaponry in history. The origin of the Haladie is difficult to discern but outside of India it was known in Syria and similar weapons can be found as far as Sudan. In skilled hands the Haladie can parry and strike quickly from surprising angles and it is a deceptively capable puncturing weapon in the thrust.

This Haladie has twin blades forged from damascus steel; as evidenced by the swirling, patterned design on the blades which were created when two different steels were pounded together into a single blade by the weaponsmith. Steel made from blending the qualities of separate steels was well known to the ancient and medieval smiths of India who were exceptionally proficient in its creation and demand for their steel created a robust overland trade between India and the Middle East.

The two blades are formed together a single solid piece with a connecting handle to create a highly durable construction. The composite grip is formed from central scales of finely polished bone surmounted by blackened pakkawood. Brass rivets pounded directly into the tang anchor these components into place. Included with the Haladie is a durable sheath of thick leather with stitched and steel-riveted construction. Integrated onto the sheath is a belt loop and a pair of buttoned retaining straps.

Overall Length20 1/8''
Blade Length6 3/4''
Weight1 lb 2.6 oz
Width42.7 mm
Thickness4 mm - 3 mm
P.O.B.Center of Grip
Grip Length4 1/4''
Blade [Damascus Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

3 reviews for Rajput Haladie

  1. goyoelburro2 (verified owner)

    This is a difficult review for me to do. I have mixed feelings about this blade(s).
    The Negatives:
    First it came with a small crack in the bone handle on one side. It is a very small imperfection though.
    My lack of knowledge of Damascus Steel is also a problem. I have handled other blades that were Damascus Steel and they did not produce the pronounced ridges that are present in the folds of this weapon.
    Honestly I would have preferred it in just decent high carbon steel with no mixing.
    Now to the Positives:
    It feels GREAT in your hand! The knife point are sharp as needles.
    The handle (despite the imperfection) feels comfortable.
    I honestly would have paid double for a better quality model of this weapon.
    As it is though, it is still worth buying if you like the shape. It really is a unique set of blades!!!

  2. goyoelburro2 (verified owner)

    I might be returning mine if I can’t get the discoloration out with some oil and a soft cloth. :(

  3. goyoelburro2 (verified owner)

    KOA will only offer to send you a replacement, which will have the same problems. If you want a refund you will have to pay shipping to return it, and then get a refund (minus the initial shipping you paid, minus the percentage they charge if you want a credit to your card).
    Essentially if you buy this blade you are STUCK WITH IT!

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