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Retiarius Gladiator Net

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One of the iconic classes of Gladiators, the Retiarius literally translates to net-man or net fighter – a name that derives from the distinctive fighting ensemble of the net and Trident of the Retiarii. Usually wearing little to no armor, the Retiarii were often pitted against the heavily armed and armored Secutor Gladiator. Typically, he would rely on his net to ensnare his foe long enough to score a powerful and decisive strike with the Trident.

The masters of the Roman games used the contrast of the speed, agility and range of the Retiarius against the close-in brutality of the Secutor to create a fight that not only captured the attention of the crowd, but also kept gamblers and oddsmakers busied debating the pros and cons of each fighting style. Who was to win the fight to come? Would the brawny force of the Secutor overpower his opponent? Or would the cunning Retiarius nimbly avoid the Secutor before timely striking the match-winning blow?

This Retiarius Net is crafted from woven and knotted hemp.

DimensionsApprox 34'' x 22''
Country of OriginIndia


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