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Roman Patera Frying Pan

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Please Note: This item is not safe for food contact due to some amount of lead used in its construction. It is intended as a prop for your camp and kit.

More gear to add to your legionary pack. The Roman frying pan is made of brass with a tinned interior, just like the originals.

Weight1 lb 10 oz
Dimensions17'' around x 3 3/4'' tall
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Roman Patera Frying Pan

  1. Lawrence M.

    Patera, frting pan Very heavy metal, nice finish, I haven’t used it over the coals yet, but I will add to this when I do.

  2. Alexandros Pashos (verified owner)

    Very nice item, unfortunately I found out by accident that it contains lead and it is not safe for eating or preparing food. I contacted Deepeeka who manufactures this item and they verified that this Patera is not safe for food contact. I think it is a nice piece and I will keep it as for display item but the description should make it clear that it is not safe for food contact.

    • David W

      Thanks for pointing this out – we will check in with Deepeeka and get the site updated.

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