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Royal Leather Muscle Cuirass with Tasset Belt


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This Royal Greek Leather Muscle Armor consists of a two-part Cuirass and is completed with a leather tasset belt. The Cuirass is crafted from durable and good quality leather that is hardened and is fairly rigid whilst keeping a degree of pliability. A set of adjustable and antiqued brass buckles and leather straps give it a wide range of allowance when fitting it size. The entire interior of the torso armor is lined with softer, stitched suede leather for comfort. The central lion head which is offset with a pair of Hippocampi are cast from metal and are stoutly riveted to the chest.

The included tasset belt is constructed from thick and robust leather and its tassets are riveted with numerous medallions and lions heads of metal. The adjustable buckle is metal. The belt does not readily fit smaller waist sizes, but with some light personal modification it can be made to fit thinner waists.

Sizing Info

Fits chest sizes which approximate dimensions of 46 – 54
Armor is approximately 21 Tall
Total Weight of Cuirass is 4 lbs 8 oz

Belt: Overall Length: 55
Width: 2
Adjusts to fit waist sizes of 47 – 52 – personal modification could be used to allow it to fits smaller waists.
Longest tassets are approximately 16 3/4 in length.

Country of OriginIndia


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