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Hanwei Russian Dragoon Officer’s Shashka


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The Russian military modeled many of its sabers after the sleek and swift-striking sabers used by the Cossacks and these swords would be issued not just to Cossack cavalrymen serving in Russian forces, but to the cavalry units of Russia throughout both the Imperial period and the USSR. The 1881 Pattern of the Russian Imperial Dragoon Saber is immediately recognizable with the addition of a knucklebar and crossguard to a sword that was heavily inspired by the Cossack Shashka of the Caucasus. This battle ready reproduction has a blade of tempered and sharpened high carbon steel and it is well-balanced to ensure that it is light, responsive and capable of delivering deep cuts and swift slashes. The blade on both sides is etched and emblazoned with the regalia of the Tsarist Imperial Russian Empire with the double-headed Imperial Eagle on one side and the cipher of Tsar Nicholas II on the reverse.

The hilt is crafted from cast brass which has reproduced the Imperial markings and embellishment of historical originals in great detail; its grip is formed from well-carved and polished wood.  Unlike more plain swords issued to ordinary Dragoon cavalrymen, this Officer’s Saber is heavily embellished with Perovskia flower (Russian Sage) design and scrollwork. The sword is paired with a durable scabbard of rosewood which is bound in stitched black leather and completed with detailed brass ornamentation to match the sword. The hilt is completed with a leather sword knot which can function as a wrist lanyard. The sword has a single hanging ring to allow it to be worn blade-side-up in the traditional manner to allow it to draw and cut from the scabbard in a single motion.

Overall Length39 1/8"
Blade Length32 7/8"
Weight1 lb 15 oz
Width32 mm
Thickness6.4 mm - 3.8 mm
P.O.B.7 1/4"
Grip Length4"
Blade [65 Mn High Carbon Steel]
Country of OriginChina

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