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Scottish Lochaber

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This Scottish Lochaber with its characteristic chopping blade and hook has a head crafted from high carbon steel which is mounted into a haft of hardwood. A set of screws secure the halberd head onto the hardwood haft.

The Scottish Lochaber was not a standardized weapon and varied in form, but all feature a large, chopping halberd head coupled with a hook. The weapon delivered devastating strikes that could grievously hack into a target. There is some contention as to whether the hook was actually used to aid in dismounting cavalry, or simply served as a hook to hang the weapon from a wall peg. Some of the hooks are thin, but the example on this replica shown here is robust enough for battlefield use.

Overall Length61 3/16''
Blade Length16 1/4''
Weight4 lb 11.2 oz
Blade [High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Scottish Lochaber

  1. Spencer Wardrobe (verified owner)

    Just as advertised. Quality was at the expected level. Not a bad budget friendly polearm. The haft is tapered and very round. Some minor work will need to be done but at the price its a nice project.

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