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Short Kopis with Bone Grip

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This short and more compact Kopis with its forward sloping blade delivers fierce chopping power beyond what is typical of a sidearm dagger. The blade is crafted from sharpened 420 stainless steel. The spine is robust and thick; the blade and its grip tang are crafted from a single steel billet to ensure it has the most durable construction possible.

The grip is completed with steel-riveted plates of polished bone and included is a sheath of thick leather with an integrated belt loop and brass-buttoned retaining strap.

A Greek design, the Kopis seems to have been purpose-built for hacking and chopping into and past the wearable defenses of the time. This brutal capability ensured it was a popular weapon for Greek Hoplites and Peltasts.

Overall Length15 7/8''
Blade Length11 3/8''
Weight1 lb 3.2 oz
Width49.7 mm - 47.9 mm
Thickness4.9 mm - 3.7 mm
P.O.B.2 5/8''
Grip Length4 11/16''
Blade [420 Stainless Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

6 reviews for Short Kopis with Bone Grip

  1. Sharp B.

    Pretty good! I just received this blade yesterday and did a few water bottle and paper tests on it and it performed well. The blade sheeted through the paper and water bottles, as mine had come pretty sharp. I’m not one for abusive tests mostly, so I have nothing to say about it’s wood chopping capabilities. I am impressed over all by the shape and effort put into the weapon; the bone handle is especially nice.

  2. Scott S.

    Great for the money It had a very sharp blade on arrival, and it’s a fierce chopper on wood yet sharp enough for more delicate things like vines or young branches. The only complaint I have is that the lack of any real guard means attempting to stab something results in your pointer finger being slammed into the blunted bottom of the blade, and that does not feel good. Overall though it’s fantastic for the price, and well worth it.

  3. Ryan

    I Really like this it preformed well in the water bottle test, and i tried cutting thin branches and it did well in that too. but i do have a small problem with it and that is the grip is slightly larger on one side (i almost didn’t notice that though) but i cant really complain because its not noticeable.

  4. Addiel P.

    Pretty Amazing! Recently received the Kopis and a friend of mine and myself decided to test it out at a nearby forest. I was incredibly surprised to how resilient this dagger (if one can even call it that) turned out to be. It managed to chop almost every small branch, vine, or little tree’s that unfortunately stood within its path. I also stabbed into a few larger trees and all in all it maintained a great edge after a lot of decent testing. Overall great dagger, Especially for the price!

  5. A.J.

    Long Winter The Devil’s Edge Short Kopis is one of the best sword/dagger/tool I’ve encountered.

    The quality of this item is apparent at first glance. The beauty of the deer-horn handle affixed to white steel sets this apart from the odious array of wood/rubber alternatives out there. However, this embellishment doesn’t consign this weapon to a delicate showpiece meant for the wall. Indeed, I’ve brutalized this blade and the hilt has been yet to fail. This is unique among swords at this price point. Budget items break. The grip is usually the first thing to go with the cheap stuff.
    The Kopis fits perfectly in the hand. It can be wielded with a handshake or curled grip. Both aid in maximizing the benefits of the blade’s geometry.

    What you’ll notice when you first pick it up is that it feels unbalanced. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This is weapon/tool crafted for chopping, it accomplishes this perfectly when working within it’s angles. I abandoned my hand axe after a few weeks as the kopis outshines it.

    The Kopis has chewed through vines, split small logs, and been used far beyond it’s purpose. I wanted something that would endure. I got it.

  6. Kevin White

    Great quality for the price, but the sharpening was awful. I wish I didn’t order it to be sharpened, it was so bad that it would’ve probably been better if I did it from scratch. I’ve ordered other products in the devils edge line and they all had similar issues, but never as bad as this one in particular. Either way, good quality materials, I even chopped down a small tree with this one to test the blade material (after properly sharpening it) and the handle durability. Probably took a few years off of it, but it did really well. Took about 50 chops, which is great btw. Edge held up well too… ​The one I did that is.

    I should also mention the sharpening didn’t have bad geometry, it was just REALLY ugly. From the looks of it the person messed up twice and finally got it the third time. Luckily they didn’t shave a lot off in the process, it just looked like they messed up the angle and finally got it at the end.

    All in all, would recommend. If you are able just sharpen it yourself, if you can’t I’d still recommend it. I’ve bought many items and ordered the service each time, I’ve had many that I redid myself, but none as bad as this one. So keep in mind that you’ll likely get a decent edge, but there’s a chance it will be terrible.

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