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Lord of Battles – Small Drinking Horn with Leather Belt Frog

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Nothing says Viking, Celt or Barbarian more than a stout drinking horn. Made from polished cow horn, the interior of these drinking horns are uncoated. Traditionally a drinking horn would be filled with a melted beeswax, sifted around and left to solidify for a coating – that method or one of your own devising would need to be undertaken to finish this horn for drinking. Wiping the horns occasionally with vegetable oil will lengthen their life.

We carry three sizes of these horns – The smallest are a compact traveler size and the largest is a drinking horn grandiose enough for the mead-hall hero! This is the Small size. As these are organic items, the size varies, so the measurements entered below should be taken as approximations. Also, the texture and marbling of the horns varies in combinations and intensities of black, white and tan. Includes a brown suede leather frog with a belt loop.

The last photo displays the differences in coloring and size possible with these drinking horns. Your item will be chosen at random from an assortment. Please Note that the drinking horns are sold individually.

Overall LengthApprox. 8'' - 10''
WeightApproximately 4.6 oz
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia


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