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Soldier’s Buckler – 14 Gauge Steel

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This buckler is robustly constructed from thick 14 gauge steel and is embellished with a ring of domed brass rivets. The edges of this buckler shield are rolled for greater durability and impact resistance. A stout steel grip is durably riveted onto the back and it is completed with a bound wrap of suede leather.

Please Note: The center dome of this buckler is smaller than other examples and will best accommodate medium size hands or smaller. People with larger hands may wish to consider a different buckler to better fit their hand.

Although compact in size when compared to other shields the smaller size of the buckler allows for it to be made from substantially thick steel without the shield becoming overly heavy and unwieldy. Its usability is often underestimated due to its smaller size, but that misconception is negated once one realizes that the buckler is not a static defense, but an active defense which moves into an opponents angles of attack to cut off the viability of a strike before it has even began. When held outstretched by the arm it can block off a surprisingly wide degree of attack angles.

The real strength of the buckler though comes in skilled hands who can transform it from an active defensive tool into an offensive weapon at will! In capable hands the buckler goes beyond mere defense and becomes the second component of a weapons system when paired in sync with its sword. In good hands the buckler can move in tandem with a sword providing cover for its user and become a weapon in itself as opportunity presents itself. The thick steel of a buckler can bludgeon and bash with considerable force and when tilted slightly on its side with a quick shift of the hand the shield rim becomes an excellent striking surface which concentrates the force of a blow into a powerful, bone crunching strike.

Weight4 lbs 1 oz
Gauge [14 Gauge]
Dimensions14 1/4'' x 14 1/4''
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia


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