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St. Annen Sword – Deepeeka


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    The St. Annen Sword is based on an original kept within the collection at the St. Annen Museum in Lübeck, Germany. It is recreated from a finely-crafted 12th Century original which likely belonged to a Knight or a finely-equipped professional warrior of a noble retinue.

    The blade of the St. Annen sword is forged from tempered high carbon steel and it is robustly mounted into the hilt by peening the tang end over the steel peen block for a durable construction. The crossguard is steel and the grip is wood bound in quality leather. The pommel is finely-cast bronze paired with a steel peen block. The companion scabbard for the sword is carved from wood and finished with a binding of stitched, high quality vegetable-tanned leather.

    Overall Length38"
    Blade Length31"
    Weight3 lbs 1 oz
    Width49.1 mm
    Thickness4.7 mm - 4.5 mm
    P.O.B.6 5/16"
    Grip Length4"
    Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginIndia

    1 review for St. Annen Sword – Deepeeka

    1. Mike Townsand (verified owner)

      This is my first “real” (battle ready) sword and I am very impressed with it, especially for the price. I like that it looks period true, being hand forged and finished. Most likely, a lot of swords from the early middle ages wouldn’t look so perfect as the more expensive replicas these days (unless you were nobility), so I find this more historically convincing for the average knight to have.
      It is creatively finished with a nice leather cross wrapped hilt and brass pommel that sets it apart from the norm. The scabbard is solid and well made, if a bit plain and lacking a tip reinforcement and locket, but I plan to add those as well as some decorative brass accents. There are a few cosmetic blemishes on the pommel and hilt leather, but I think it adds to the realistic aura of it (and I could clean them up if I wanted to).
      It is perfectly straight and feels well-balanced and a good weight for a usable sword. It sliced through a gallon milk jug full of water fairly easily, though the sharpening was not the best (this is not on Deepeeka).

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