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Sutton Hoo Migration Era Sword – Deepeeka Primus


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This reproduction is based on the surviving components of the famous 6th to early 7th Century Sutton Hoo sword which is a prized part of the collection of the British Museum and a fine example of the masterfully crafted swords which were the prestige of Germanic and Anglo Saxon chieftains, champions and Kings of the late Roman Era and of the Migration period. The sword and the other prestige artifacts from the Sutton Hoo burial likely belonged to King Raedwald of East Anglia.

    The wide cutting blade of this replica is forged from high carbon steel and it is mounted into a composite hilt of wood and antiqued brass. The hardwood grip is bound in fitted leather. The original sword had red garnets inset into the pommel with the cloisonntechnique and this is replicated here with quality cast brass with scarlet enamel. Like the original sword, the layers of the composite guard and pommel secured with rivets.

    Included with the sword is a wooden scabbard which is wrapped in tight leather and fitted with an antiqued brass chape and locket. A wooden suspension loop allows for the sword to be worn with your own baldric or belt.

    Overall Length34 5/8''
    Blade Length28 9/16''
    Weight2 lbs 9.8 oz
    Width51 mm
    Thickness4.5 mm - 3.7 mm
    PommelNut and Riveted
    P.O.B.6 5/8''
    Grip Length4 1/4''
    Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginIndia

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    2 reviews for Sutton Hoo Migration Era Sword – Deepeeka Primus

    1. Nick Bonavita (verified owner)

      Another really nice sword from Deepeeka. Some people complain about the quality of Deepeeka swords but this is my third one and I am pleased with all of them. Everything is straight and well fitted and I only buy Deepeeks from KOA who take the time to inspect everyone before they ship them. Can’t beat the price and service.

    2. Ilan Davidowitz (verified owner)

      I was a bit worried that the balance of this sword would be similar to the (very rough) balance of the Deepeeka late Roman spatha I got a while ago given the similar eras, but I was honestly blown away by how light and agile this sword is. The leather grip feels fantastic in the hand and the rivets and decorative plates don’t get in the way at all.
      The pommel cap is cast a bit sloppily, especially compared to the original find. The red enamel is bit more red-orange and while the original has subtle differences in the latticework pattern on either side, it is symmetrical on this version. For the price, though, I certainly was not expecting a sword fit for a king. My only other issue was that for a while the sword was not able to fit fully into the sheath. My guess is that a piece of the leather lining the interior was sticking out. However after quite a bit of sheathing and unsheathing with a decent amount of force, it seems to have become less of an issue.
      Overall, though, I absolutely love it. I know there’s a lot of hate out there for the quality of Deepeeka’s historical replicas but frankly their stuff has almost always been easily worth the price for me and this piece is no exception!!

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