This Swept Basket Hilt Rapier has a blade forged from high carbon steel which is mounted into a complex hilt which is crafted from nickel-plated brass for a brilliant and shining finish. The wooden grip has been thoroughly overlaid with a steel wire binding. Included with the sword is a companion scabbard of robust leather coupled with a steel locket and chape.

This rapier shows the evolution of the swept hilt rapier beginning to coalesce into a more enclosed, basket-like form – a form which would be used for a number of later swords with hilts that were significantly more enclosed than the simpler hilt forms the the medieval and early Renaissance. Such additional protection was needed as these weapons were primarily for civilian self-defense and much of the civilian swordsmanship of the time favored thrusting rapier swords with techniques which allowed a fighter to strike a blow from a significant distance.