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Thaitsuki Isamashii Wakisashi


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The Thaitsuki Isamashii Wakisashi features a Koto style, High Carbon forged steel blade with half Bo-Hi. The blade has been claytempered and polished to a finely sharpened edge. The grip is wrapped in a black silk cord over white ray skin and features silver Menuki. The habaki is also silver. The tsuba is made of brass in a blackened antique finish. Includes a black lacquered saya with buffalo horn Koiguchi.

Overall Length29 1/4''
Blade Length20 7/8''
Weight1 lb 8.1 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width30.3 mm
Thickness5.9 mm - 4.4 mm
P.O.B.2 7/8''
Grip Length7 3/8''
Blade [Folded High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerThaitsuki Nihonto
Country of OriginThailand


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