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Thaitsuki – Roiyaru Sanmai Katana


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The Roiyaru Sanmai Katana has a Koto-style blade that was skillfully hand-forged in the traditional sanmai laminated construction method which melds panels of forge-folded high carbon steel together to form a composite blade with an inner core of shock absorbing steel of 35 Hrc for resilience and an exterior of hardened 65 Hrc steel to ensure it has excellent edge retention and resistance to wear. The blade edge and its side panels are formed from folded T8 high carbon steel and this has been melded with a core and spine of folded T10 high carbon steel. After the folding process of its components the blade possesses a total of 1024 individual layers. A closer look at the blade will reveal the ripple-like patterning of the folded steel, as well as a faint line denoting where the hardened edge steel was forge-welded into form. Visible among this is also the wave-like hamon line which was created when the blade was clay tempered in the traditional manner to imbue it with a genuine hamon of hardened steel. The blade was completed with a high level of polish which was painstakingly executed to give it a fine sheen which highlights the beauty of its complex construction and its hamon.

The sword is paired with a fine koshirae mounting to both match and dignify the blade with an elevated setting. The Habak and Seppa are of fine handcrafted silver and the fuchi, and kashira are of blackened and antiqued brass with silver accents. The highly detailed tsuba is of blackened and antiqued brass. The hardwood tsuka grip is inlaid with black lacquered rayskin of high quality and overlaid with tightly woven gold-brown imported Japanese silk tsuka-ito with fine silver flowered menuki beneath.

The well-carved wooden Saya scabbard is carefully coated with a hand-rubbed textured brown lacquer with embellished with silver accents, including a silver sayajiri at its tip. A Japanese silk sageo of light-brown cord is knotted to the Saya to complete it. The sword comes with a green silk sword bag and manufacturer’s production certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be some minor to moderate cosmetic blemishing present on the scabbard and minor blemishing on the blade. These are handcrafted and hand-finished so minor cosmetic imperfections may be present.

Overall Length41 1/2"
Blade Length30''
Weight2 lbs 7.4 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width33.4 mm
Thickness7.9 mm - 5.2 mm
P.O.B.5 3/4"
Grip Length9 1/2" (Ito Grip Wrap section)
Blade [Folded T8 and T10 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerThaitsuki Nihonto
Country of OriginThailand


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