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US Model 1840 Cavalry Saber – Universal Swords


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This replica of the 1840 US Cavalry Saber has a blade of tempered 1055 high carbon steel; the base of the blade is stamped with manufacturers marks recreated from the original. One side reads: U.S. ADK 1862 and the other side is marked AMESMFGCo, Chicopee, Mass. These markings identify the replica being recreated from an original example crafted by the Ames manufactory in 1862. The guard and pommel are brass and the grip is wrapped in tight black leather finished with twisted brass wire inlay. The sword comes with a scabbard of steel with steel hanging rings.

    Based on the 1822 French Hussar Saber, the US M1840 was the replacement for the M1833 Dragoon Saber. It was chosen for US replication after soldiers preferred the French saber over British and Prussian examples during exploratory performance testing.

    Deemed the Old Wristbreaker the M1840 was used extensively in the US Civil War and was considered the heavy cavalry saber – whereas the M1860 was considered to be the light cavalry saber. Though many M1840 sword blades were made in the US, a substantial number of the blades were imported from Germany to keep up with the great demand for the sword.

    Overall Length40 1/8''
    Blade Length34''
    Weight2 lb 3.4 oz
    Width28 mm
    Thickness8.1 mm - 2.7 mm
    P.O.B.7 1/2''
    Grip Length4 1/4''
    Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    CultureAmerican Civil War
    ManufacturerUniversal Swords
    Country of OriginIndia

    2 reviews for US Model 1840 Cavalry Saber – Universal Swords

    1. Dave Kelly

      New model. Better steel. Better Taper! USI new, improved model. What they’ve done in the last year or so is very encouraging as they have upgraded to harder steel and are making an effort to provide valid distal taper factors for improved handling. The only thing wrong with this saber is the marketing. It’s obviously an M1860, not an 1840. The marks on the ricasso state “US ADK 1862” make this an 1860LC. The M1840 ceased production in 1858.

      As with all India production of this saber, the grips are also all wrong. The grip on the 1860 is cantelivered; the 1840 is straight. Not with standing the straight grip on this saber, the stats are all 1860. :)

    2. JaredP

      Decent Sword I purchased this word because of a recent interest in sabers. Previously I was a fan of medieval long swords but I digress. This sword looks very nice and will look fantastic on a display. The wire wrap on the handle hurts my hand. It is not recessed into the grip as it should be. You will need to wear gloves if you plan to practice with it. I am no expert with sabers but I feel that this sword is on the heavy side for a one handed sword. I have two handed medieval swords that weigh less. Maybe it is part of the cavalry design since you wont be dueling with the sword rather delivering cuts while on horse back. To me this sword feels cumbersome. I am still glad I purchased it because it really is a beautiful piece. I will also say the construction is very good. Everything is tight as it should and the sword fits in the sheath fantastically. One further detail, The word in the picture has a very sharp point while mine was much more rounded. Not a big deal though.

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