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Venetian War Hammer – Deepeeka


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This Venetian War Hammer is purpose-built to be a armor-pounding can-opener. Polearms such as this were becoming a dominating weapon on the late medieval battlefield and would be used by dismounted knights and professional men-at-arms alike. Not just for battle, blunted versions were used in tournaments. Poleaxes and Polehammers were also popular weapons for trial-by-combat. On the field, an advancing column of heavily-armored Italian foot soldiery armed with these polehammers would have been a daunting prospect to face. Every facet of the head and even the butt of the haft presents an armor puncturing spike.

    The main weapon though is the four-pronged hammer head, divided into spikes so as to transfer the force of the strike onto four small points for maximum shock. A dazed opponent could then be finished for good measure with the long, wickedly-curved crows-beak pick. Should combating men be forced together too tightly to swing these polearms for full effect, a choked-up grip beneath the head still presents a lethal array of points that can effectively be used in shoulder-to-shoulder melee – right up and into the faces of the foe.

    This Venetian Warhammer by Deepeeka has a head, langets and handle cap of steel. It has been riveted to a stained wooden haft. The spikes of the head are blunted.

    Overall Length53 7/8''
    Weight3 lb 9.4 oz
    Width6 1/4''
    DimensionsLength of top spike: 5 7/8''
    ClassBattle Ready
    Country of OriginIndia

    1 review for Venetian War Hammer – Deepeeka

    1. Archimedes One

      You get what you pay for. I purchased this polearm recently based on its good looks and ostensibly durable construction, but was disappointed to find that all it would take to damage this piece was a few hard hits. The first thing to fail was the top spike which quickly bent to the side by as much as 20 degrees, then the hammer head and crow’s beak piece started to rattle, and lastly the side spikes came loose (it turns out they’re attached with a screw through the head).

      Durability aside, I was disappointed that the wood haft on the polearm I received was a much lighter, and much less rich colour than the one in the pictures, and in some places the langets–while securely attached–were attached sloppily. The final thing of note would be the rectangularly-shaped haft. Striking an object with any considerable amount of force is no joy with this polearm due to the pain caused by the 90 degree angles of the haft. This could have been avoided if this weapon had an octagonal haft.

      Overall, I would not recommend this piece for anyone looking for a functional polearm.

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