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Viking Bearded Axe with Leather Sheath – Lord of Battles


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    This Viking Bearded Axe has a axehead which has been forged by hand from high carbon steel and left with a rough polish for an appropriately period and utilitarian appearance. The axehead has been mounted onto a haft of hardwood and a leather sheath is included for the axehead. Replacement handles are available separately.

    Please Note: It is not unusual for the axeheads on traditionally-mounted axes to loosen with use over time. Should your axehead need to be re-seated or remounted you simply need to hold the head in a vise while striking the wider end of the wooden haft with a rubber mallet to drive the head into the tapered haft to re-seat the axehead.

    1 review for Viking Bearded Axe with Leather Sheath – Lord of Battles

    1. Dale

      If it had a a longer beard I’d give you 50 bucks for it!

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