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Viking Type L Fighting Axe

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This Norse fighting Axe of the Peterson Type L style is built to be a fast striking and hard-hitting axe which pairs well with a shield. The axehead is crafted from 1050 high carbon steel and the edge steel has been hardened. It is securely mounted onto a hardwood haft of ash or hickory which has been shaped for optimal control and edge alignment. A wooden axe wedge was driven into the haft in the axe socket to expand it for a particularly tight fit.

Fast and light, this axe has a form which rapidly transitions from a thick and durable socket into a wide and thin cutting plane which is ideal for cutting into a target with minimal drag in a form that also greatly reduces weight for optimal striking velocity and mobility. Easily capable of powerful chops, hacks and shearing slices this axe is also more versatile than it appears when wielded in skilled hands; The downward curve of the axe can be a cunning hook to catch a shield rim or limb and the sharply upward sweep of its elongated point is a surprisingly capable piercing weapon. The back of the socket is formed into a flattened hammer shape which can strike debilitating concussive blows.


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