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War of the Roses Archer Helmet – Deepeeka


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    This helmet is made of 16 gauge steel with rolled edges. Features a raised center ridge, decorative rivets and an adjustable leather liner with chin strap.

    Weight4 lb 14 oz
    MaterialMild Steel
    Country of OriginIndia

    2 reviews for War of the Roses Archer Helmet – Deepeeka

    1. Rick M.

      Good Helm This is a very accurate reproduction and totally functional. The rounded surface and the low center ridge deflect blows very well, and the swept, low slung back provides great neck protection. This helm protects the head from the eyebrows back to the top of the shoulders. The 16 gauge steel is adequate, and any heavier gauge steel would make it too heavy.
      This style was very popular for much of the later medieval and renaissance periods, but I have no idea why they would call this an “Archers Helmet”. Such helmets were used by all types of soldiers from Nobility to common conscript.
      The face is left unprotected, but the unrestricted vision and outstanding protection offered to the rest of the head by this helmet is a good trade off in my opinion.
      Very well made, attractive and solid protection.

    2. Scott L Gregg (verified owner)

      For the price this is a good item. The quality is high. I have a head that is 23.5 inches at its widest circumference and the helmet fits with it’s internal suspension system. Now for the caveat. With my head, I cannot use a padded arming cap with this helmet. It is simply too narrow. That means no mail coif either. This is fine with me, since I am not using this helmet with either of those items. But if you do want to use those items in conjunction with this helmet, and your head is 23.5+ this is not going to work. If you head is 22.25″ or less then you can probably make a kit that will work.

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