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Wood Handled Sgian Dubh

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This Scottish styled sgian Dubh features a hard wood grip with cast metal accents and an unsharpened, carbon steel, single edged blade. Includes leather covered wood scabbard with metal throat and tip.

Overall Length6 9/16''
Blade Length3''
Weight2 oz
Width19.9 mm
Thickness2.6 mm
Grip Length3 1/2''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
TypeSgian Dubh
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Wood Handled Sgian Dubh

  1. Chatarra Crow

    I want to give this 4 stars because I do love this knife and have grown attached to it. It has lasted through a decent amount of abuse. That being said, I can not ignore the flaws of this knife.
    I purchased this over a decade ago and still use it as a holdout knife. Its an overall nice, but cheap knife. The butt cap on the handle came off almost a week after buying and had to be glued on with epoxy cement. The blade itself was loose in the handle almost immediately, but has not come out after all these years.
    The handle is nice enough and comfortable in hand. The blade itself is fat with no edge, which is fine for me. I personally found it easy to sharpen and polish the edge, but this knife is not made for cutting. It can easily slash but is not made for utility cutting. I have tried earnestly to use this as a work knife and it just doesn’t work.
    The scabbard is a mixed bag that sits crooked on the blade. It requires effort to remove the blade and inside is a rounded piece of metal that spring holds against the blade, meaning metal on metal movement every time you draw the knife. This gives a trivial, but nasty looking rub mark that will eventually wear smooth. The metal plates on the scabbard, combined with how firmly it holds onto the blade gives you a less lethal blunt spike that is immediately available.
    Overall, you will need to get a good cement or glue and sharpen the blade yourself, but is still a unique and relatively hardy knife.
    Something else I use this knife for in a covid 19 world is pressing buttons with that metal plate on the scabbard, like at a crosswalk. Be careful who you do that in front of, tho.

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