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14th Century Hour Glass Gauntlets – Lord of Battles


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    These Hour-Glass gauntlets are crafted from 16 gauge steel and are fully articulated. A leather glove of black suede leather has been riveted and incorporated into the metal gauntlet. The glove has a top layer of brown, harder leather to protect the suede glove from wear and chafe. An integrated brown leather band across the palm helps keep the glove in place.

    One size only – Fits a larger medium size hand or large size hand.

    Please Note: Color of the leather used in the gauntlets can vary. Some of the photos display other accessories which are not included with the pauldrons and are available separately. There are some photos that show the isolated components of this pauldron set on their own for clarity.

    Overall Length12''
    Weight1 lb 4.6 oz each
    Gauge [16 Gauge]
    TypeFinger Gauntlets
    MaterialMild Steel
    ManufacturerLord Of Battles
    Country of OriginIndia

    4 reviews for 14th Century Hour Glass Gauntlets – Lord of Battles

    1. Mick J.

      14th Century Hour Glass Gauntlets good cheap gauntlets that are well worth their price.
      good movement and protection.

    2. John D.

      Very nice Gauntlets just arrived minutes ago ! They fit perfectly ( have used gloves sized large but I think my hands are more medium ) . These are not too heavy and offer excellent mobility . Don’ t know about durability or protection in combat yet ! Some gauntlets cost $500 or more but why spend that when you have these little beauties ?

    3. Foster

      Decent for the price These gauntlets absorb shock fairly well, and are tightly constructed, I didn’t have any finger plates sliding up on top of others. The steel is strong and the included glove suits it’s purpose.

      I have had many knuckle plates be ripped off in combat, the steel is fine but the leather underneath couldn’t take the force from the weapons pushing and would rip. The rivets are still intact, but the leather it was holding on to underneath gave way. There isn’t much you can do about that, since if the leather is too stiff and tough, you can’t move your hands well.

      It articulates well, i lost very little hand movement when using them.

      The pinky finger and ring finger are a bit too long for my, by almost an entire segment, the fingers are all almost the same length on my set. It doesn’t really impact my combat, but it feels uncomfortable

      The product is solid, and worth its price, especially on sale. If you are looking for more solid gauntlets, mitten style tend to be stronger than fingered ones due to the nature of the design.

    4. Aaron J.

      Good but with a few flaws. These gauntlets articulate well and are pretty decent for the price range. The metal portion seems sturdy but the gloves are very poor and fell apart after a couple hours of wear (no fighting, just holding things). If you attach a better pair of gloves these become a good deal. As with most one-size-fits-all gauntlets they are on the bulky side and restrict weapon movement somewhat. For the price of $149 I’d say they are worth it.

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