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Arms & Armor Serenissima Rapier


Battle Ready
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Battle Ready

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    Serenissima: The name of the Glorious Venetian Republic that lasted 1070 years! This is the name given to this replica of a spada de lato from the early years of the 16th century. It features the distinct wheel type pommel with a bite out of the upper edge and the recurved arms of the guard seen in many examples of this type.

    The seafaring men of Venice who made their city the center of the world used this weapon at home and abroad. The Spanish Conquistadors and the famous sword and buckler men of the Low Country wars carried this style of sword. George Silver, in his Paradoxes of Defense, refers to this type as an excellent option for a stalwart Englishman standing his ground when combined with a dagger.

    The Arms & Armor Serenissima Rapier features a tempered, high carbon steel blade, steel guard and pommel and a leather covered wood grip.

    Overall Length40 3/4''
    Blade Length32 3/4''
    Weight2 lb 4 oz
    Width29.8 mm
    Thickness6 mm - 3.8 mm
    Grip Length8''
    Blade [6150 High Carbon Steel]
    ClassBattle Ready
    ManufacturerArms & Armor
    Country of OriginUSA

    2 reviews for Arms & Armor Serenissima Rapier

    1. Mct

      Excellent but pricey I got this directly from A&A at the old price. Production time was about 2-3 weeks as stated. The sword itself is a nice piece. Quite light and handles ok. Hilt fittings are all tight, and leather grip appears to be of good quality. Blade has a very small secondary bevel an was just shy of paper cutting sharp. Tested the blade on some animal carcass and it cut reasonably well for a slim bladed weapon. I noted that my blade was much longer than described here. Mine measures 38 inches from the cross, and the POB was approx. 6 inches. I’d recommend giving A&A the exact blade measurements you desire when ordering.

      minor nitpicks: Finish on guard and pommel were rough in places. This sword has a price point similar to that of Albion so i think its fair to expect better. Blade could also be a bit stiffer but still acceptable (i think my regenyei feder is stiffer than this one).

    2. Terry

      Last straw I received mine direct from A&A, it came blunt, the leather had a row of holes where they took the stitches out , and ‘re stitched…it handles like a crowbar..totally dissatisfied. I think I’m done with Arms and Armor, their quality is too hit & miss

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