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DANM Aventail for Helm – Alternating Dome Riveted Flat Rings – Lord of Battles

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This aventail is intended to be riveted onto a helmet and it is crafted from a band of thick leather and the aventail is dome riveted flat rings alternating with solid flat rings of mild steel and it is sewn onto the leather band. The rings measure 9 mm in diameter and 17 gauge in thickness.

Gauge [17 Gauge]
DimensionsLength of Leather Band is approximately: 19.5'' - 21.5''
TypeMail Aventail
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for DANM Aventail for Helm – Alternating Dome Riveted Flat Rings – Lord of Battles

  1. Geralt

    Pretty good pattern I was pleasantly surprised with the design of this aventail. The pattern used certainly isn’t lazy. From the neck up the rings follow a battern that allows the chainmail to drape vertically and tighten up if too big like we all know chainmail tends to do. From the neck down the pattern is a seamless circumference, like it was constructed as one long winding strip of mail. Much better than some other stuff I’ve seen with higher quality links, but an obvious patch-job of trapezoidal pieces.

    I give this peice of 4 out of 5, because for some unknown reason (a mix up maybe?) the leather band included stitched to the mail is perfectly straight. If your helmet’s verelles don’t angle upwards towards the eyes, this will still be a problem as this is what the mail was intended for. Without replacing the leather band, you’ll either have a bit of bunched up mail or a bit of bunched up leater on both sides.

  2. PaulBuck (verified owner)

    Kult of Athena should really measure these things and give us more information. From end to end on the leather strip is 22.5″. Its actually too big for the helmet I bought. The quality seems pretty nice, and interestingly enough the tag on the packaging from Lord of Battles says this aventail is a Medium. Makes me wonder how you get a small…

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